Car Service Coupons – Too good to be true?

Misconceptions and mistruths about low cost car service coupons and deals.

While it may seem cheap and easy, these deals come with a number of hidden problems.

If you read the fine print, the price you pay for the coupon usually only includes basic labour, what they don’t tell you is that any parts and extra labour required will be charged at inflated prices. They may then try to convince you to go ahead with unnecessary alterations.

Mechanics who offer coupon deals don’t make money unless further work is completed, this incentivises them to coerce customers into spending more but also means they will be using lower quality products on the initial deal.

In essence the coupon is their way of getting you in the door before they pressure you into additional services.

So what seems like a good investment at the time can turn into a large bill you had not planned for. Find a reliable and honest mechanic who will be upfront about all costs and will treat you with respect.

CarClub Australia will quote the entire job before work commences so there’ll be no nasty surprises at the end. The team speak to you in terms you can understand so you’re always aware of everything that’s being done to your vehicle.