mechanic performing a pre purchase inspection on car in melbourne

Looking at buying a second hand car?

Let CARCLUB take a look first!

Even when a second hand car is sold with a roadworthy certificate, you never really know what condition it might be in.

Let CARCLUB prepare a pre purchase inspection report for you and take the guesswork out of buying a car.

Feel at ease knowing exactly what condition the car is in before you buy it. CARCLUB’s technicians check the bodywork, engine and everything in between, then provide you with a detailed report.

From only $220, you will receive a detailed pre purchase inspection report from one of CARCLUB’s qualified technicians.

FREE PPSR REPORT: Receive an official government report from the Personal Property Securities Register that includes full vehicle details, theft records, write off history and lists any encumbrances. Included in your pre purchase inspection at no extra charge.

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What does CARCLUB look for during a Pre Purchase Inspection?


One of CARCLUB’s qualified mechanics will thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s exterior, interior and underbody then perform a road test.

The exterior inspection includes paint work, rust, and panels. The interior inspection includes condition, seat belts and electronic functions.

The mechanic will perform a full electrical test. They will check everything from lights and battery, to heating/cooling and de-mister system.

The vehicle will be lifted so the mechanic can thoroughly inspect the underbody of the vehicle.  From there, they will be able to check the frame, exhaust, suspension and shock absorbers, and also the drive shafts, gearbox and CV joints.

The wheels of the vehicle will be checked, and your pre purchase inspection report will include tread measurements for each tyre.

A full engine checkover and report will be provided, along with a road test to check brakes and overall performance.

Once thoroughly inspected, the mechanic will prepare a detailed pre purchase inspection report for you, so you can rest assured knowing the condition of the car, before you buy it.