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If your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t blowing out ice cold air then it may be time for an air conditioning regas.

CARCLUB mechanics are equipped to perform air conditioning regas procedures on site, anywhere in Melbourne.

This includes dye injection to check for leaks in the system and a full inspection of your air conditioning unit.

Our mechanics can perform a mobile air conditioning regas for only $189.95 for most makes and models of vehicles.

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CARCLUB’s mobile service team can come to you, anywhere in Melbourne.

Call us to book or find out more on 1800 227 258.


CARCLUB mobile technicians have state of the art equipment on hand for the regassing of car and light commercial vehicles’  air conditioning.

When performing an air conditioning regas, our mechanics will test the following:

They will provide a thorough inspection of air conditioning system.

Perform checks on all pipes, hoses and fittings.

Test that the a/c compressor is in good working order.

Check for blockages, leaks and pressure.

The technician will then test the temperature of the air-conditioning once complete, and make sure it is icy cold!

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